About River Canyon School

River Canyon is a play-based kindergarten welcoming children ages 3 to 6, located in Grand Junction, Colorado. In Spring 2018, River Canyon will be going into its 11th year as an operating kindergarten and we will be expanding our program to accommodate more families for our growing school. Our kindergarten class is composed of mixed- age children which creates a more realistic family feeling of different aged siblings.

We believe that cooperation between parents and teachers in reinforcing common goals is an unbeatable combination in nurturing young children. River Canyon works in partnership with the parents to enhance the children’s growth and development, and provide a safe learning environment. When a child feels secure, they can learn to take risks and open their minds to the world around them.

River Canyon strives to create a harmonious and orderly environment in which children can develop confidence in themselves and a natural respect for others and the world in which they live. The teacher accomplishes this through the calm and peaceful tone which is set through carefully planned, rhythmical program that balances period requiring more and then less concentration, group and then individual participation, and indoor then outdoor activity. Our program is based on the studies of Rudolf Steiner, The Waldorf School creator.


We are a developing member of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America.