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Recommended Reading

“Waldorf Education: A Family Guide” by Pamela Johnson Fenner and Karen L. Rivers

An overview and deeper understanding of the Waldorf curriculum from 1st grade through high school, a peek into early childhood and the Waldorf kindergarten, the how and why of specialty subjects such as knitting, sewing, eurythmy (a form of dance movement unique to Waldorf), a look at rhythm, festivals and special celebrations, and how does this fit with your family’s lifestyle?

“The Way of the Child” by A.C. Harwood

An excellent introduction to Waldorf education, particularly valuable for its clear explanation of how Waldorf education integrates with the fundamental stages of child development.

“Beyond the Rainbow Bridge” by Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley

Find out more about how your child grows and learns about the world, what are the 12 senses and how you can nourish them, creating balance in your family life and how Waldorf educates supports the whole child.

“You Are Your Child’s First Teacher” by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Out of her research and her experience as a Waldorf early childhood teacher, she answers the question: “What can parents do with, and for their children from birth to age six that will enhance their development without having negative effects at a later age?”

“How Children Play” by Ingeborg Haller

Imaginative play is a vital element in the growth of the preschool child. A child’s freedom to play lies at the root of a happy and well-balanced attitude to work and responsibilities in later life.